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At Lofts4Homes, we undertake all loft and attic conversions, specialising in unconventional lofts or areas with access issues. Our team always find solutions for even the most challenging of problems. 

We can work to any requirements you may have, taking into consideration your available loft space and design ideas. From an additional bedroom or playroom to a games room or study, the options are endless for our customers.

I am 6ft 5inchs and happy with our new loft’s ceiling height. Many architects/builders stated it couldn’t be done, Lofts4Homes did.

K. Wigmore

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How long will the conversion take?

We aim to complete standard loft conversions in 12 weeks but if we believe your particular loft will require longer, we will let you know when giving you your quote. If there are changes made or unforeseen circumstances encountered we’ll make you aware of how this may affect the time frame.

How much will it cost?

Every home is unique and it isn’t possible to know how much it will cost until we have looked at the job and had a conversation with you about your needs. Our quotes are free of charge and go into detail about what will be included in the total cost.

Do you organise the scaffolding?

Yes, we use a company called “Impressive Scaffolding” and organise the put up and takedown of the scaffolding.

Do you deal with building regulations?

Yes, included within your total price are the costs of the applications for planning permission where needed and for building regulation inspections and certificates.

I’m worried about dust, how do you try to minimise this?

Unfortunately, dust is inevitable when building work is being carried out in your house. We use dustsheets and plastic sheeting in an effort to minimise this for you. Our team uses the vacuum cleaner regularly to help reduce the amount of dust

Do I need a party wall agreement?

If you live in a detached house you don’t need one. If you share a wall with a neighbour it depends on how we do the conversion as to whether or not a party wall agreement is needed.

Can I get inspiration from other jobs you have done?

Yes! Please either have a look at our gallery to see our past work where we regularly upload images. Alternatively, we’ve many past customers who’ll happily let you have a look round their completed loft, just give us a call to arrange this.

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Types of conversions

It’s important to carefully think about what style of conversion you’d like to go for and choose whatever suits your needs best. We can design and construct several different lofts and have included a few below for you to think about.

When we survey your property we’ll advise you on the best option for your loft. 


What is dormer?

We design and build Dormer loft conversions in Surbiton and surrounding areas. A dormer conversion opens up the existing roof to create a spacious, liveable area – perfect if you don’t want sloped ceilings. This versatility gives a lot of choice for how you could use it; you could have an extra bedroom or bathroom, a brand new office, or if you have a creative streak, even an art studio. 

From the outside, it’s flat roof and modular design can make a dormer loft very contemporary. Another advantage is you can blend it in with the property’s aesthetics by incorporating the same tile or brick design. We’re happy to accommodate your taste and go with whatever suits you best

Loft Conversion by Lofts4Homes

Hip to Gable

What is hip to gable?

The process of constructing a hip to gable loft conversion involves changing the shape and angle of your roof in order to create a lot more space underneath it. Not all houses can have a hip to gable as it requires a specific type of roof.

The benefit of this type of loft is that it doesn’t alter the look of your house too much and creates a functional room. 

Over the years we have completed many hip to gable conversions, in fact, we recently finished one in Surrey. When you contact us for a quote for your loft, do ask about the past work we’ve done and we will happily show you around some of the jobs.

Hip to gable loft conversion - outside view


What is Mansard?

A Mansard conversion is another way in which you can gain a good amount of head height in your new loft room. The name comes from the French architect, Francios Mansart, who pioneered refined and elegant building designs in the Baroque era.

This type has the benefit of a flat roof and minimal sloped ceilings. Traditionally, a Mansard is constructed on the rear of the property so the front of your property will not be altered. Small dormer windows are usually fitted in Mansard conversions to give maximum light in the new loft space

Mansard loft conversion outside

Peace of mind

We want you to feel confident that we’re a reputable company who’s prepared for every eventuality.

Therefore, we encourage you to look us up on under the heading ‘find company information’ and compare us to other businesses that you may be considering. Be sure to take note of things like the length of time a company has been established or how many directorships any director/s hold etc.

Additionally, we have a £2,000,000 Public Liability Insurance & £10,000,000 Employers Liability insurance, just to have an extra safeguard in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

Types of properties we work on

A common misconception is that not all types of houses can have an attic conversion and this simply isn’t true. We’ve worked on many types of houses and managed to create a loft that suits the overall look of the property within building and planning regulations.

If you’re unsure please give us a call and please see below a list of property types that we can work on:

  • Bungalow
  • Mid-terrace House
  • End of terrace
  • Detached house
  • Semi-detached house
  • Some top floor apartments 

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