8 ways to create additional living space with a loft conversion

A loft conversion or attic extension is a great way to add living space to your home. With the ever-increasing need for more room in our homes, building upwards instead of outwards is undoubtedly the most cost-effective way of maximising the space you have available.

At Lofts4Homes, we know a thing or three about creating habitable spaces in the attic, having expertly converted countless lofts in Surrey and Southwest London for many years. Whether you are looking for an extra bedroom, a chillout space, home office or hobby room, there are plenty of ideas of how you can utilise the space at the top of your home.

1. Master Bedroom

One of the most popular ways to use a converted loft is to relocate the master bedroom to the top of the house. Take the opportunity to create your dream private sanctuary, an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of family life. Indulge in some luxury with ensuite facilities including a shower or bathroom, a dressing area and plenty of built-in cupboard space or even a walk-in wardrobe.

2. Guest Suite

If it is not practical to put a master bedroom in the attic – perhaps you have small children – why not get creative with the interiors scheme and use the new room upstairs as a guest room? Invite friends or family to stay and give your social life a boost. Rent out the room on Airbnb or a similar platform, or get a long-term lodger, and generate some useful extra income.

3. Kids’ Play/Games Area

Give your children a dedicated playroom and keep toys, books, art materials and more from cluttering up the rest of the house. As your kids grow older, the room can adjust to their needs – from nursery to messy playroom to teenage hangout or study space. Why not add a pool table, mini fridge and a sofa, relocate the games consoles and add plenty of fitted shelves for board games and books?

4. Home Office

Working from home is becoming more widespread, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic. In an increasingly online world, it makes complete sense to have a dedicated office space at home, giving you the flexibility to carry out many jobs from the comfort of your home. And where better than in your study at the top of house where you won’t be disturbed?

5. Reading Nook

And speaking of not being disturbed, a loft conversion is the perfect spot for a library or reading area. Fitted shelving for your book collection makes the best use of the awkward angles in the loft space, while a window seat or eaves seat takes full advantage of the view. All that’s needed is a comfy armchair or sofa, and you’re ready to lose yourself in a good book.

6. Hobby Room

Are there creatives in your family who would appreciate a space where they can pursue their interests in peace and quiet? Arts & crafts hobbyists will need a place to get messy as well as somewhere to display their work. Budding musicians can use the room for practicing their instrument and even for band rehearsals.

7. Home Cinema

You don’t have to be a film buff to enjoy watching movies with your friends and family. If this is one of your favourite activities, why not turn your loft into a home cinema? Fit blackout blinds, paint a large wall white and install a projector (much cheaper and less intrusive than a large TV screen), add comfy sofas, a small fridge and a mini bar. That’s all, folks.

8. Fitness Studio

Whether you prefer yoga, running or the gym, you can do it all without having to leave the house. Get an exercise bike or treadmill, some weights equipment or yoga mats and keep fit at home, whatever the weather or time of day. Take away the obstacle of having to go to a gym or class in order to exercise, and see real results with regular home fitness sessions. 

If you would like to have a chat about designing your perfect loft conversion, contact our expert team at Lofts4Homes and request a free estimate. We will take you through the process from start to finish, guiding you every step of the way to ensure you get the results you are looking for.

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